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 Radiation Protection Advice for Waste Management

The main purpose of radioactive waste management is to safely and securely dispose of radioactive materials in order to protect your staff, the public and the environment. This process involves isolating or diluting the waste so the radioactive waste is harmless. The exposure to radioactive materials produces potential hazards for workers and the public if not correctly controlled, managed and maintained.

There are a few types of radioactive waste:

Exempt Waste

This type of waste is considered to be not harmful to people or the environment and can be transported without shielding. The common types of waste consist of bricks, metal, concrete, etc.


Low Level Waste

These are usually produced by hospitals and a few industry specific businesses. Low level waste contains a small amount of radiation which is often short-lived. The common types of waste may consist of filters, clothing, fabric, tools, etc.


Intermediate Level Waste

Containing a higher amount of radioactivity, this type of waste requires shielding when transporting. These materials may consist of chemical sludge, resin, fuel, etc.


High Level Waste

These contain high amounts of radiation and are usually produced from burning uranium fuel in nuclear reactors. This type of waste can be hazardous depending on its radioactivity, but needs to be safely disposed of regardless.


All types of toxic waste must be managed responsibly, safely and securely, not just radioactive waste. Workers managing the radioactive waste and often exposed to radiation of varying levels, so it’s important to have measures in place for limiting the exposure to radiation. RPA UK’s radioactive waste advisers can help and advise your organisation on waste disposal in order to meet regulations, whilst maintaining a safe environment for both workers and the public.


Why Choose Us for Waste Management Radiation Protection Advice?

RPA UK has specialist radioactive waste advisers with years of experience and knowledge to help you maintain a safe environment for your employees and the public whilst ensuring compliance with relevant radiation legislations, regulations and guidelines. Our tailored approach allows us to provide bespoke radiation safety advice for all types of radioactive waste that companies may have.

We also provide radiation safety advice for various other sectors:

With the ability to engage with businesses in the UK and internationally, we have the expertise for not just national radiation legislations, but also foreign safety regulations.


Contact Us for Waste Management Radiation Protection Advice

If you require waste management radiation protection advice, then please get in touch with one of our friendly experts. Our radioactive waste advisers can provide the best solutions and advice to ensure that you are compliant with legislations. With our expert radiation protection advice, we can help your company maintain a safe environment for both your workers and the public.

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