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The procurement or disposal of radioactive materials is a daunting and complicated experience even for the more experienced individuals. At RPA UK, we don’t take this process for granted. With the right people on our team, you can guarantee that you will be completely looked after. Our team comprises of radioactive waste advisers, security experts, dangerous goods safety advisers, transport managers and radiation protection advisers.

For compliance with legislations, it is the producer’s responsibility to safely dispose of radioactive materials to reduce damage to the environment, wildlife and public health.
Whether you have a small amount or large amount of radioactive materials, our specialist radioactive waste advisers have years of experience and individual expertise which allows us to provide safe and simple guidance for the best disposal solution.


Why Choose Our Radioactive Waste Management Services?

RPA UK delivers safe and simple radiation waste management to help your business safely manage and dispose of waste. Having worked with a variety of business sectors, we have the experience and expertise to provide safe guidance and advice.
We offer a tailored management service which allows us to work with businesses of all sizes, whether they are a multinational organisation or a small company.

We have worked with the following sectors:

With the ability to engage with businesses in the UK and internationally, we have the expertise for not just national radiation legislations, but also foreign safety regulations.


Contact Us for Radioactive Waste Management Services

If you need to manage or dispose of radioactive materials, then please get in touch with one of our friendly experts. Our specialists can provide the best solutions and advice to ensure that you are safely disposing of potentially harmful waste. With our expert waste management services, we can help your business to maintain a safe environment.

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