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With years of experience and individual expertise, RPA UK has developed a variety of radiation safety training courses which cover a wide range of ionising radiation safety topics. All of our radiation protection specialists are fully qualified and have the experience to train your employees to meet the required legislations and regulations.

Our radiation protection training courses can include:

• Radiation Protection Supervisor Training
Addressing basic nuclear physics and how radiation affects the human body through to the requirements of regulations such as IRR99. These sessions support employers and give you the confidence that your radiation protection supervisor has the most up-to-date competencies and certifications.

• Radiation Awareness Training
As a simplified version of the above training, these sessions give your team members the skills they need for safe working with and around radiation. They are perfect for new staff members joining a facility or X-Ray department as well as contractors tendering for work on nuclear licensed sites.

• Radioactive Source Handlers Training
If your employees use small radioactive sources, they must know how to safely handle the source, carry out ‘leak-checks’ and maintain all registers and documentation. This course covers everything they need.

• Radiation Instruments Training
This training not only helps your team members get the most out of their equipment, it can also help them fully understand the requirements and procedures for checking and calibration. This can result in reduced likelihood for any expensive or unnecessary instrument damage.

• Radioactive Waste Management Training
Invaluable to any organisation which produces or is required to dispose of radioactive materials, this course covers the relevant regulations, permits and environmental requirements as well as providing guidance to ensure your organisation safely fulfils its obligations.

In addition, these training courses can be bespoke and tailored to your business’ needs.


Why Choose Our Radiation Safety Training Courses?

RPA UK delivers applicable and certified radiation protection training courses to help your business maintain a safe environment and meet the radiation legislations. Having worked with a variety of sectors and training employees from different businesses, we can provide radiology training courses that suit your organisation’s needs. Our tailored and bespoke approach allows us to truly provide training courses to businesses of all sizes, whether they are multinational organisations or small businesses.

We have worked with the following sectors:

With the ability to engage with businesses in the UK and internationally, we have the expertise for not just national radiation legislations, but also foreign safety regulations.


Contact Us for Radiation Protection Training

If you require radiation safety training, then please get in touch with one of our friendly experts. Our specialists can provide the best radiology training to ensure that your employees are safe and knowledgeable. With our expert radiation protection training courses, we can help your business to maintain a safe environment.

Contact us on 0800 368 8631 or email us at info@rpa.uk.

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