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RPA UK are expert radiation specialists with years of experience in providing professional radiation protection and safety advice to various sectors throughout the UK and internationally. Our radiation protection specialists can cover a wide range of issues relating to radiation safety and this can include:

• Radiation Compliance
We can provide advice relating to the international and national radiation legislations to ensure that your business is meeting the strict regulations in order to provide a safe working environment. The main legal requirements are the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 and the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001.

• Risk Assessments
Our expert protection advisers are able to provide technical risk assessments in order to identify any potential radiation hazards and suitable solutions for potential risks. Maintenance and detailed record keeping are vital, as are effective planning, organisation, controls, monitoring and reviews of protective measures.

• Radiation Incidents
In the event of an incident, our advisers can provide detailed analysis and reports to identify the cause and any suitable remedial actions, in accordance to regulations and legislations.

• Radiation Surveys
The expert advisers at RPA UK are able to carry out professional surveys to identify any levels of contamination and radioactivity in an area, plant or even equipment.


Why Choose Our Radiation Protection Advice Services?

With years of individual experience and reputable expertise, RPA UK has worked with a variety of sectors to provide professional radiation safety advisory services, whether they are a multinational business or a small business.

We have worked with the following sectors:

Having worked with automotive sectors, food processing sectors and even educational sectors, we are able to understand your needs to provide tailored and bespoke advice to help you achieve compliance.


Contact Us for Radiation Protection Advice

If you require radiation protection advice, then please get in touch with one of our friendly experts. Our specialists can provide a thorough evaluation and offer the best advice to ensure that you are meeting the strict legislations and regulations. With our extensive range of protection advice services, we can advise your business to maintain a safe environment.

Contact us on 0800 368 8631 or email us at info@rpa.uk.

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