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 Radiation Protection Advice for Oil & Gas Processing Sectors

The production of oil and gas extensively involves the use of radiation generators and unsealed radioactive sources. This already produces potential hazards and safety issues for both the workers and the public, however, with the addition of ‘naturally occurring radioactive materials’ from the digging and mining of rock reservoirs, this becomes an even bigger concern. Workers in the oil and gas sectors and often exposed to radiation of varying levels during the production, maintenance and decommissioning processes, so it’s important to have measures in place for limiting the exposure to radiation.

There are a few main principles of controlling exposure to external radiation:

  • Keeping a safe distance from sources of radiation. By increasing the distance between the radioactive sources, you are effectively reducing the total dose of radiation
  • Reducing the amount of time spent near sources of radiation. Spending a smaller amount of time near radioactive materials means that the workers will reduce the total dose of radiation.
  • Using shielding materials between the sources of radiation of the workers. The most effective materials are lead and steel as they are most dense.


As oil refineries and gas processing plants are technically complex, it requires constant management and maintenance in order to achieve optimal operations and provide a safe working environment for workers and public.

Employees working in oil and gas processing are at risk of exposure to radiation when using radioactive sources. It’s important to use the right radiation experts to thoroughly assess and advise your company to ensure the best health for your workers whilst remaining compliant with legislations.


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RPA UK has radiation protection specialists with years of experience and knowledge to help you maintain a safe environment for your employees and the public whilst ensuring compliance with relevant radiation legislations, regulations and guidelines. Our tailored approach allows us to provide bespoke radiation safety advice for all types of oil and gas processing organisations.

We also provide radiation safety advice for various other sectors:

With the ability to engage with businesses in the UK and internationally, we have the expertise for not just national radiation legislations, but also foreign safety regulations.


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