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 Radiation Protection Advice for Food Processing

In the food processing industry, ionising radiation is often used to inspect and treat food for quality control purposes. This is to check and remove any possible contaminants inside which could affect the quality of the end product. X-ray inspection systems are used for the examination of food, whilst irradiation is used to treat food and prolong the shelf-life. As both of these processes utilise man-made radiation, it’s important to correctly manage, control and maintain the equipment to ensure that your workers, the food and the environment are not at risk of danger or harm.

An X-ray inspection system is used to guarantee product purity and quality. This is achieved with using high energy radiation to visually inspect solid items and identify any possible contaminants within. These contaminants are often denser than food and they are usually in the forms of metal, glass or bone. Although X-ray inspection systems use ionising radiation to check the food, it is considered to be harmless as long as the doses of radiation are limited and controlled. Improper use of X-ray inspection systems may cause harm to the worker, the food and the environment, which is why it’s important to find the right radiation protection adviser that can thoroughly inspect the equipment and give professional advice to help you meet regulations.

Food irradiation is the process of using controlled radiation to extend the shelf-life of food and increase the safety for consumption. Irradiation can also be used to sterilize food without changing the texture or freshness of the produce. As this process uses radiation, it’s important to regularly assess the equipment to ensure that everything is functioning safely and securely.


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RPA UK has radiation protection specialists with years of experience and knowledge to help you maintain a safe environment for your employees whilst ensuring compliance with relevant radiation legislations, regulations and guidelines. Our tailored and bespoke approach allows us to provide thorough radiation safety advice for all types of food processing organisations.

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With the ability to engage with businesses in the UK and internationally, we have the expertise for not just national radiation legislations, but also foreign safety regulations.


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